We have been learning to understand the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Sometimes we believe […]
What about a new Mystery Picture? Most of you have touched it. Remember the treasure box! […]
After a break, it’s time to try another Mystery Picture. Have you ever listened to it?
Let’s try a new Mystery Picture! Here you are the two sides of «something». This shows […]
There we go! All of us change, do you agree???
Congratulations! You pay attention to all of the Mystery Pictures! I’m proud of you all. Let’s […]
Try to guess this new Mystery Picture! Make a wish! or better… blow a wish!
Today, this week we have an extra mystery picture. It is very easy so… there is […]
All on board! Let’s continue with a new Mystery Picture! Be careful if you don’t want […]
As most of you ask me for, here you are the new Mystery Picture! Let’s try […]